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    Tackling Poverty, Demiz Wants Valid Data


    BOGOR-Coordination Meeting of Poverty Reduction Coordination Team (TKPK) West Java continues to be held as an effort to synergize the handling of poverty in West Java. Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said that a valid data evaluation of poverty is needed so that the problem can be resolved properly.

    "Suppose a family already has any poverty program, at least it should be touched by four programs, PKH, KIS, KIP and Rastra," Demiz told the Regional Poverty Control Team Coordination Meeting in the hall of the Office of the Coordinating Agency for Government and Regional Development (BKPPW) I Bogor, Wednesday (30/08/2017).

    Not infrequently, Deddy said, there is one family, in a village, untouchable at all four programs before, not to mention the poor disability speech, the elderly poor, it is the commitment of government alignment to the people who need the assistance.

    "Do not let get double, or that those who get (program) is getting it over and over again, and those who never get, never can get at all.Therefore need to coordinate from the central government, provincial and city / regency," continued Demiz.

    Until now, West Java TKPK always perform its role in tackling poverty in West Java, although not significantly reduce poverty itself.

    According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java recorded the number of poor people in West Java recorded in the period September 2016 to March 2017, states that the number of poor people in West Java now reaches 4,168,440 people. The number has increased by about 0.6% compared to the condition of September 2016 which recorded 4,168,110 inhabitants.

    "So there needs to be coordination and synergies that need to be built between the central, provincial and city / regency governments, which is why there is this coordination meeting," Demiz said.

    Currently Demiz said, to meet the importance of the availability of necessary data related to poverty, through the Regional Potential Analysis Development Center, has presented data by 'by Name by Address'. This means that data related to the poor can be monitored in realtime. So there should be no more targets in providing poverty reduction assistance program.

    "Now we need how to train personnel in each city/ regency to update, open, the data," he said.

    "Because this poverty must be measured, especially if it can touch directly to the concerned, so that at the same time can be done the effort is evaluated," said Deddy.

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