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    Ahead of Eid al-Adha, Supply BBM and LPG in West Java are Safe


    BANDUNG-Pertamina has made some preparations especially for the security of fuel supply and LPG in West Java (JBB) area ahead of Idul Adha 1438 H celebration which took place on 1 September 2017.

    General Manager of Marketing Operation Region III of PT Pertamina (Persero) Mohammad Irfan said Premium supply resilience in JBB area is 13 days, Solar 40 days, Pertamax 17 days, Pertalite 11 days and LPG 4 days.

    "We make sure the supply of fuel for West Java is safe," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (08/30/2017)

    During the homecoming of Idul Adha period, the average Premium consumption is estimated to decrease by 15.4%, around 6,010 KL / day, Gasoil (Solar / Biosolar and Dex series) is estimated to increase by 1 percent or about 9,032 KL / day, Pertamax series up 32 percent to 24,644 KL / day, while LPG is expected to rise 4.5 percent to 6,770 MT / day.

    The frequency of Idul Adha's homecoming flow this time is not expected to be as high as during the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, while for the congestion points during Idul Adha's homecoming flow is in Merak, Cikampek, Nagrek, Cirebon - Pejagan - Brebes.

    "Although the number of homecoming travelers is not as much as Idul Fitri, but the consumption is expected to rise 32 percent," he said.

    Irfan added that his office has established Task Force (Satgas) which is ready to monitor daily distribution with computerized system of SIMSND (Supply & Distribution Management Information System), adding Tank Carrier and TBBM operational time, providing BBK products in packaging namely Pertamax, Pertamina Dex in packaging.

    "We also provide 3 pieces of Motor and Pick Up specifically for mobilization of BBK in packaging at Cikampek-Kanci toll congestion points, preparing 3 tank dispenser cars in Rest Area non gas station," he said.

    Pertamina also improves its services in channeling institutions ranging from safety, reliability and cleanliness of facilities, maximal service according to Pas standard, and 24 hour service (if required) at the Distributor Institution on Homecoming Lane. Coordination with various parties and agencies such as Hiswana Migas, TNI, POLRI, Transportation Agency, Geological Agency and other agencies in maintaining the security and smooth distribution of fuel.

    Especially to anticipate the long traffic jam that occurred during Idul Adha's holiday season, continued Irfan, the contra flow system is prepared in cooperation with the police for the smooth distribution of tank cars in the tourist track. Fuel supply is ensured to be fully available with additional buffer system (fuel delivery on H-1 from schedule should).

    In addition, Pertamina MOR III is also preparing BBM Bags at 7 points locations along the route and 5 Kiosks Pertamax which sells BBK products in packaging in Rest Area and Checkpoint of Polri Non SPBU along the homecoming route from KM 86 to KM 229 .

    While from the distribution of LPG efforts to increase the allocation for Depot of Tg. Priok, Depot of Tg. Sekong, Depok LPG Balongan, Eretan Bus Station, in August 2017. Addition of 4 percent DOT Normal (from 6,900 MT to 7,165 MT), increase supply for SP (P) BE in all JBB areas, and ensure LPG depot, SP (P) BE, Agent, and Base can carry out LPG distribution operation for Eid al-Adha.

    "The entire team of Pertamina West Java region will continue to standby during this Eid al-Adha holiday to provide the best service to the community. People do not have to worry about the supply of fuel and LPG, "he said

    The public can also download PertaminaGo applications on mobile phones to find out the location of the nearest gas station and promo info at gas stations.

    "If there are any complaints, please contact our 24-hour standby team at Contact Center Pertamina 1-500-000 (prefixed with local area code) .We hope all can go smoothly and the community can celebrate Idul Adha with family," he concluded . (MAT)

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