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    Bjb Successfully Reduced Bad Credit


    BANDUNG - President Director of bjb bank, Ahmad Irfan said Non Performing Loan (NPL) or bad credit in his company every year continue to reduce.

    "We continue to extend credit, including to the micro sector, but a qualified micro sector, we guide until they are more successful," he said.

    He said the provision of credit will be followed up with efforts to improve the ability of micro-enterprises, so that if the business is successful then credit payments will be smooth and not jammed.
    "Our NPL has dropped steadily since 2014, now 1.57%. Our target is a quality business, "he added.

    He hopes with that bjb bank still exist in the future and can enter in the ranks of the top 10 national banks performing well. Currently, bjb bank has been in the list of the top 14 largest banks of total 118 national banks.

    In an effort to realize sustainable and sustainable business growth, then in running the company's wheels, bjb bank always comply with the regulations in place so that the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) can run well.

    "We are committed to continue to develop bjb bank by prioritizing prudential principles and prudential banking principles," lid Irfan.

    In the first semester of 2017, the bjb bank has cooperated with the Ministries, SOEs, Universities, the Indonesian National Police and other private companies. Jo

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