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    Telkom Maximize Telkom 1's Customer Migration Process


    BANDUNG-PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) maximizes Telkom 1 subscriber migration process to Telkom 2 satellite, Telkom 3S satellite and other satellite. These efforts are made by Telkom to accelerate the recovery of services to customers and communities by deploying all TelkomGroup operational resources throughout Indonesia consisting of internal Telkom, subsidiaries and all related partners.

    The service migration process has been in place since August 26, 2017. Provision and transfer of Telkom 1 transponders to a replacement satellite transponder will be completed by August 30, 2017.

    While the repointing of ground segment antennas will be done in stages, together with customers and VSAT service providers until September 10, 2017.

    Telkom 1 has 63 subscribers, 8 of which are VSAT providers with 12,030 sites, bringing the total ground segment to around 15,000 sites.

    To guard the recovery process to run optimally, TelkomGroup formed a crisis center that operates 7x24 hours.

    President Director Telkom Alex J. Sinaga and all Telkom Board of Directors direct escort the recovery process where all progress is updated. Crisis center is an information center for all customer service recovery processes as well as a command center to plan and execute any steps deemed necessary for accelerated settlement of service disruptions.

    As previously mentioned, on Friday (25/08) at around 16:51 WIB, an anomaly occurred on Telkom 1 satellite which resulted in a shift pointing of Telkom 1 satellite antenna so that Telkom 1 satellite transponder service was disrupted. Telkom intensive with Lockheed Martin as Telkom 1 satellite manufacturer continues to investigate, which is currently running procedure procedure to know the health of Telkom 1 satellite comprehensively. The follow-up plan for the new Telkom 1 satellite will be determined within the next few days and there is no possibility that Telkom 1 satellite will not operate normally again. Jo

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