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    West Java is the Most Banks In Liquidation


    BANDUNG-The case of troubled banks in Indonesia and ultimately must be liquidated by the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) to date still high occurred in a number of provinces in Indonesia.

    According to LPS Director, Arie Budiman, since the establishment of LPS in 2005, as of July 31, 2017, there are 81 banks that have been liquidated by LPS.

    "81 banks were liquidated by 1 Commercial Bank, 75 BPRs and 5 BPR Syariah, respectively," Arie said in the Media Workshop on the theme "Role and Function of LPS in Maintaining Stability of Banking System," at Bidakara Grand Savoy Homan, Monday (28/08 ).

    According to Arie, from 81 banks liquidated by LPS, West Java became the highest with the case of banks in liquidation as many as 20 banks followed by Jabodetabek and Banten 19 banks and West Sumatra as many as 14 banks.

    "For this year in West Java has not been liquidated, but since 2005 there are already 20 banks, which has been completed 18 banks and the process of 2 banks," he said. (Parno)

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