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    Telkom Birth First Institute of Technology in Central Java


    BANDUNG-Currently the competition in education is increasingly tight, for that every educational institution should be able to provide the best quality of service. Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) guarded the birth of the first Institute of Technology in Central Java, after the legalization of Telkom Telematics Technology High School (ST3 Telkom) Purwokerto became Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom) Purwokerto on August 21, 2017, through SK Menristek Dikti Number .446 / KPT / I / 2017.

    Chairman of YPT, Dwi S. Purnomo said as a university under the auspices of Telkom Education Foundation and supported the largest telecommunication operator in Indonesia, namely PT TELKOM, IT Telkom Purwokerto present with eight courses to provide ICT-based education in the forefront of Java Central in particular.

    It birth begins as the Academy of Telecommunications Engineering (Akatel) on May 31, 2002, then his status increased to Telematics Technology College (ST3) Telkom on December 20, 2012 based on the letter kemendikbud RI. No. 437 / E / 0/2012.

    According to Dwi, the birth of IT Telkom Purwokerto mark or become a milestone in the development of technology-based education in Central Java.

    "The presence of IT Telkom is expected to make the education world around it growing. With the power on the mastery of telematics and informatics technology, IT Telkom equips students with the digital skills needed by industry and society today, "he told reporters on Sunday (27/08/2017)

    Along with the development of education in Central Java, the Technology Institute can create progress for the surrounding area. This is one of the PT. TELKOM for the country, through the Directorate of Human Capital Management, in building the nation through the established educational institutions.

    With this status increase, IT Telkom Purwokerto has established itself as the best campus in the National and ready to reach the international level. This change is also increasingly paved the steps of IT Telkom Purwokerto to become Telkom University National Campus (TUNC) in Purwokerto, in addition there will be TUNC in several major cities in Indonesia.

    Dwi added that every educational institution under Telkom Education Foundation must be able to answer the challenge in globalization era. So that change by improving the status of an absolute institution to do.

    "Improving the status of IT Telkom Purwokerto is an effort to answer the challenges of globalization, where in this digital era every educational institution is required to be able to win the competition in the future," he concluded (MAT)

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