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    Danger of Static Activity, Aher: Let's Cycling


    BANDUNG-There are more harmful to health than the cholesterol content in the blood due to the consumption of fast food and carbonated beverages, ie too much static activity such as sitting too long, so the body is less mobile. It can limit the body's metabolic processes and increase the risk of dangerous diseases.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed this at a cycling event along with Bike to Work Community (B2W) Indonesia, in commemoration of the 12th anniversary of B2W, Sunday (27/08) morning.

    "One of the efforts to stay healthy is to move a lot, cycling for example," Aher said in his speech.

    Start at Pakuan Country Building, the procession moves across Kebon Kawung - Pasir Kaliki - Pajajaran - Lower Cihampelas - Wastukencana - Riau - Banda and ends at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street Bandung. Aher sees, regenerating the spirit of exercise in society is very important. He also hopes that activities such as cycling together can attract people to return to want to nourish the body through sports.

    "Socializing sports is very important, and hopefully this activity can boost the interest of cycling in everyday life.We raise the spirit of sports with cycling!" Says Aher.

    Completing the statement of Aher, Chairman of PKK Team of West Java Province, Netty Heryawan also revealed that to implement healthy life, it is necessary to implement Diversified, Nutritious, Balanced and Safe (B2SA) principles that require not only the lack of exercise but also the nutrition of the body. While in a physical context, Netty stressed the importance of sports activities especially in the era of globalization as it is today.

    "The size of physical and spiritual health must be filled with various elements, especially nutritional intake that meets the needs of our daily activities," said Netty encountered cycling event.

    "Inevitably, this era of globalization and modern make people less mobile.Therefore, physical activity and exercise become a necessity for us to avoid the degenerative diseases that threaten human life in the global era," he concluded

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