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    Parahyangan Enchantment Independence Carnival 2017 is Running Festive


    BANDUNG-At the end of this month of independence, the Pesona Parahyangan 2017 Carnival is held in West Java as the host, displaying Indonesian cultural diversity from Aceh to Papua.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan states, Parahyangan Enchantment Independence Carnival 2017, as the end of various series of activities 72nd Indonesian Anniversary took place successful and festive.

    According to this success and festivity, it is the result of working with the community of West Java supported participants from various other regions.

    In this folk carnival, there is a cultural collaboration that brings the message of diversity, as a symbol of the unity of cultural diversity in Indonesia, in filling independence.

    "Alhamdulillah, West Java has been a good host, Carnival Enchantment Parahyangan 2017 event was successful and festive," said Governor Aher, in front of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street Bandung, Saturday (26/08/2017).

    "This carnival is the largest, followed by various provinces in Indonesia, featuring cultural diversity, this is the end of Independence Day celebration," he continued.

    Theme 'Light Up the Fire of the Spirit of Working Together', the carnival was attended by about 2,500 participants from 13 Provinces, 20 regencies / municipalities in West Java, 43 communities, and representatives from various regions and other communities in Indonesia.

    As for a number of entourage that enliven this carnival activities include rebana parade from Pondok Pesantren Nurul Iman, Kuda Renggong Sumedang, Gotong Garuda art, Reog Ponorogo, Kesingian art from Subang, and a number of representatives from other provinces.

    Meanwhile, from the community elements, enliven the carnival, Bandung bike community, community Historia Van Bandung, engrang player Jack Obin, mojang Lenjang and jajaka Gandang Priangan, roller athletes KONI Bandung, community Cosplay Bandung, Indonesia clumps, orchy world, and sekewood.

    The series of carnival activities began at 14.00 pm. The release of Carnival's motorcade was marked by the beating of kentongan (kohkol) by the President of RI, followed by 100 other kohkol played by 100 attendees, 1000 pupils of the school who sounded the hand drums simultaneously.

    Marching Band Gita Pakuan assisted by Governor of West Java, became the opening of the carnival procession. President and First Lady also participated as carnival participants boarded the Pancasila train, which implies the meaning of working gotong royong, which embodies the behavior of cultural togetherness.

    As for this event, the Head of State seen wearing Sundanese Sundanese shirts attached shirt complete with toping, designed fashion designer Deden Siswanto. This outfit is then combined Bustong slippers made by Tasikmalaya craftsmen. While the First Lady wore a kelom geulis also made Tasikmalaya craftsmen.

    In addition, also seen West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, along with his wife, Chairman of TP TPK West Java Netty Prasetyani Heryawan, seen wearing Sundanese traditional dress with shades of white and white.

    With an overall carnival track length of 3.8 km. The series of carnivals depart from the front Gedung Sate to Ir. H. Juanda (Dago Street), Merdeka Street to Vanda park.

    In Taman Vanda, the President of RI and First Lady stepped down to watch the series of carnival. Then the carnival will go to the main square of the mosque Asia Africa Street.

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