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    Government is Optimistic with Target to Reach 25 Million Tourist Visits


    BANDUNG-Cumulatively tourists visit to Indonesia only 23 percent in July 2017. Ministry of Tourism expressed optimism until the end of 2017 growth reached 25 percent so that the target of 25 million tourist arrivals to Indonesia will be achieved.

    "Now it's only 2.4 percent, I expect to cumulatively grow to 23 percent in July so that by the end of the year to approach 25 percent, the target of 25 million tourists visit will be achieved," Tourism Minister Arief Yahya told reporters in Bandung on Thursday 8/25/2017)

    One of them boosted the growth of tourist arrivals to Indonesia with an online marketing system. Because, almost 70 percent of tourists search and share tourist destination information using digital media.

    "Search was the beginning of the end of the middle is being continued using social media," he said.

    According to Arief, if the character of tourists has changed like that, then Ministry of Tourism and Culture should prepare digital media. So it must use the media because tourists have changed their behavior.

    While the remaining about 30 percent of the average is still doing manually. This is often done by older travelers. For the younger generation all almost use digital media. For example in buying tickets online. So also with the search for tourist destinations.

    "About 70 percent of tourists already use digital media, the rest is usually used by tourists who are aged," he concluded. (MAT)

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