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    BJB as Host of Indonesia Regional Development Bank Sports and Arts Week


    BANDUNG-PT.Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat dan Banten, Tbk. (Bank BJB) again gained the trust and honor of the Regional Development Banks Associatio (ASBANDA) as the host of the Sports and Arts Week (PORSENI) XII Regional Development Bank of Indonesia (BPDSI) in 2017 with the theme "Together, Achievement, Legend" PORSENI XII BPDSI in 2017, having previously hosted in 2005 ago.

    The event was held in West Java from 24 to 27 August 2017. Not only PORSENI XII BPDSI, bank bjb also appointed by ASBANDA to host the implementation of customer rewards program in the form of Free Lottery of Simpeda Savings program packed under the name "Panen Rejeki Bank BPD" which will be conducted at InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar on August 27, 2017.

    Based on the idea of the urgency of noble values among the employees of the Regional Development Bank of Indonesia, PORSENI XII BPDSI 2017 is also expected to be a medium for mutual strengthening the integrity of BPD employees throughout Indonesia as a quality resource to contribute to the banking business competition ahead of the increasing.

    PORSENI XII BPDSI 2017 is also aimed at strengthening the bond between employees of Regional Development Bank of Indonesia as a banking unity that must be mutually reinforcing and completing in a competitive situation.

    The branches that are competed or contested in PORSENI XII BPDSI 2017 consists of 21 branches, 12 sports and 9 branches of art. Where are the details of sports such as Golf, Volleyball Indoor, Sand Volley, Tennis, Karate, Billiards, Chess, Futsal, Table Tennis, Badminton, Shooting, and Basketball. While 9 branches of art that are contested are Folksong, Poco-Poco, Pop Singer, MTQ, Adzan, Counting Money, Fashion Show, Ambassador Bank, and Band Festival. The total number of Athletes and Officials is about ± 5,000.

    Director of the bank bjb Ahmad Irfan hoped that this event will be held well, smoothly and uphold sportsmanship.

    "Welcome to the event PORSENI XII BPDSI 2017 Bandung, happy competing. let's keep high sportsmanship, let's keep and improve togetherness and image of Regional Development Bank throughout Indonesia ", he said in Opening Ceremony PORSENI BPDSI 2017 in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) Building ITB, Bandung, Friday (25/8/17).

    The PORSENI XII BPDSI 2017 was attended by 26 BPDs consisting of Bank Aceh Syariah, Bank Sumut, Riaukepri Bank, Bank Nagari, Bank Sumsel Babel, Bengkulu Bank, Jambi Bank, Lampung Bank, DKI Bank, Bjb Bank, Central Java Bank, BDP DIY Bank , Bank Jatim, Bank Kalbar, Bank
    Kalteng, Bank Kaltim, South Kalimantan Bank, Bank Sulselbar, Bank Sultra, Central Sulawesi Bank, Sulutgo Bank, Bank BPD Bali, Bank NTT, Bank NTB, Maluku Maluku Bank and Bank Banten. JO

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