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    Demiz Wants TTG Products Used By Broad Society


    MAJALENGKA-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) expects, all innovation products exhibited at 8th Appropriate Technology Event (TTG) in Majalengka the work of West Java innovators, to be disseminated through various media to the public. This is so that people in the region know TTG products and help their innovative work to obtain intellectual property rights from the government so that it is not claimed by others.

    "We also have facilitation for TTG innovation which is still a prototype to be developed towards mass production scale to be utilized by the society," said Demiz after opening 8th Appropriate Technology Event in West Java at Gelanggang Generasi Muda field, Majalengka, Thursday (24/08 / 2017).

    In the TTG event exhibited 50 products of West Java innovator works from 27 cities and regencies in West Java. Such as "Magic Stove" in the form of tool waste destruction, Rice ATM Machine, Shoes Attendance, e-waste or electronic waste, Semi Manual Bamboo Weaving and many other superior products are selling high power.

    Demiz said, appropriate technology should be technology that suits the needs of society, not damage the environment, answer the problems of society and generate economic value added. The goal is to accelerate economic recovery, expand employment and develop community productive economic activities.

    "So the economic impact is felt by the community because investment is increasing and employment is widespread," he said.

    The products of this TTG are able to encourage the realization of a more competitive, productive, advanced, independent and prosperous community of West Java.

    In addition, Product innovation through appropriate technology touch according to Demiz, the production process will be more efficient, cost-effective and saving energy.

    "At the same time it will produce quality products with economical prices so that the high selling power and provide greater value for the business actor," he said.

    The winners of the VII TTG will later represent West Java to the National TTG stage in September 2017 in the city of Palu.

    "I hope the work of innovation representing West Java was chosen to be the best at the national level," said Demiz.

    In line with Demiz, Majalengka Regent Sutrisno did not want the appropriate technology event merely ceremonial activities only.

    "I hope this event is not only a formality activity but is expected to motivate, initiate and popularize the use of appropriate technology.

    According to the appropriate technology products is a right solution for being able to increase the productivity of the community economy.

    Here are the products of winning innovation on the 8th Appropriate Technology event at West Java level 2017:

    Category of The Best Appropriate Technology

    1st Winner: Insenerator (West Bandung Regency)
    2nd Winner: Grid Inventer (Sumedang Regency)
    3rd Winner: E-Waste (Bekasi City)

    Categories of Innovation Technology

    1st Winner: Shoe Attendance (West Bandung Regency)
    2nd Winner: Rice ATM Machine (Karawang Regency)
    3rd Winner: Semi Manual Bamboo Weaving (Majalengka Regency)

    Each winner receives an award certificate and stimulant money.

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