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    Indonesia Will Have 10 Halal Destinations


    BANDUNG-Indonesia with the largest population with Muslim population has the potential to develop halal tourism. To that end, the Ministry of Tourism RI (Kemenpar) will build 10 halal tourist destinations in the country.

    Minister of Tourism RI (Menpar) Arief Yahya said Indonesia has 10 destinations that are certified halal tourism including West Java. However, the government is focusing on three areas in Aceh, West Sumatra (West Sumatera) and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)

    According to him, the first has halal certification is West Nusa Tenggara. Tourists who come there already guaranteed halal its tourism then the province of West Sumatra and Aceh. Arief said, if West Java and South Sulawesi (Makassar) want a halal tourism then Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) will make it happen.

    "It's only three, if West Java and Makassar want it, we help to realize halal tourism in the two areas, so from the top three become top five," he told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (8/25/2017)

    Arief further revealed, West Java potentially has a certificate of halal tourism. The reason, culinary and fashion tourism owned by West Java have already depict halal tourism.

    "West Java is without you call halal tourism, it is already halal tourism by itself. Just look at its halal food, the appearance of the people are fashionable but halal," he said.

    Asked about the position of halal tourism which is still far behind by other countries. Arief acknowledged that so far there are three countries that have the best halal tourism in the world namely Malaysia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    "We must admit that Malaysia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are the best performers of halal tourism in the world.
    For years they have the best predicate of halal tourism, "he said

    Ministry of Tourism also studied the success of these three countries in building a halal tourism. Tourism minister is optimistic with a series of award after following the world-class halal tourism competition, then Indonesia certainly able to defeat Turkey in terms of halal tourism.

    "We are studying this halal tourism so that we can achieve various awards at world level and we are optimistic that next year we can beat Turkey even to move the UAE," he said.

    Arief added from the side of the number of Muslim tourists who visit Indonesia continues to increase. In 2015 only reached 20 percent or 2 million people from total visit to Indonesia. While in 2016 reached 2.4 million. He predicts that by 2019 will be visited by around 5 million Muslim tourists.

    "If the position is 25 percent or 5 million Muslim tourists then we managed to beat Malaysia in halal tourism," he concluded. (MAT)

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