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    E-Vote Applications are Considered Efficient in Democratic Processes


    BANDUNG-So far, the election of votes in the democracy party is generally done manually. Now, there is an E-Vote application that is effective and efficient in counting. One of them, the application of this android-based application is in Darul Hikam (high school) Bandung in the selection process of OSIS 2017/2018 chairman who is considered effective and efficient in the democratic process.

    Darul Hikam Digital School Developer, Dudi Kuswandi explained earlier the application of e-vote used for the selection of outstanding teachers then now used in the election chairman of OSIS.

    This application is considered effective and efficient. Because the process of data collection and vote counting only takes about 30 minutes.

    "Delivery of the data itself takes only 30 minutes with the number of students reaching 340 students plus 60 teachers So almost 400 voters and today is over," he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (8/24/2017)

    The speed of sending data voter also takes only 3 seconds. As soon as the voters are set up key word prepared by committee such as KPU and Bawaslu.

    The voting results of the election may be completed but not yet published. "Later after the results of KPU and Bawalu meeting can only be published," he said.

    Selection by using this E-Vot system can also be done by teachers who are outside the school environment by downloading android based applications.

    So far, said Dudi, unactivated voter can be detected. The school can not force to vote. unactivated voter is visible from the registration on the application is empty.

    "I have just checked 32 unactivated voters, whether it's a golput, not a pick including students who do not go to school for sick reasons," he explained.

    The advantages of other e-vote applications that have a positive impact on the environment because of the selection without using paper also the vote counting process is shorter than before.

    Previously, the preparation process of the election committee chairman of OSIS in SMA Darul Hikam takes up to one week to prepare ballots and so forth. Now, the committee just import data. Then printed in the form of voter card and then stored in Voting Place (TPS).

    "Before using this application the election results can be up to 7 pm The selection is also done without using paper," he said.

    Anticipating server errors, Darul Hikam set up two servers that are off-line servers that are stored at school or online-based stored in the provider.

    "Alhamdulillah has never experienced an error because of using original software instead of pirated, besides using linux system so that data can quickly enter," he explained.

    He hopes with the advancement of this technology. All schools especially in Bandung City apply e-vote application in the election of chairman of OSIS.

    "God willing with this system can support and hopefully other schools are implementing Android-based E-Votting system," he concluded. (MAT)

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