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    Task Force on Investment Stop Activities UN Swissindo


    BANDUNG-The Task Force on the Handling of Alleged Legal Action in the Field of Funds Collection and Investment Management or Task Force Investments, requested United Nation World Trust International Orbit (UN Swissindo) to stop all its activities because it does not have permission in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation .

    Chairman of Task Force Investigation Tongam L. Tobing said, Task Force Investments with Bareskrim Police and Bank Indonesia, has called the head of UN Swissindo, Sugihartono or known as Sugihartonotonegoro aka Sino.

    In the meeting, Br. Sino as the chairman of UN Swissindo has signed a declaration stating
    UN Swissindo discontinue activities that have been done related to the offering of debt repayment to the public and the provision of voucher human obligation VM1 and all other activities undertaken UN Swissindo starting day (Wednesday, August 23) for not having permission in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation .

    Br. Sino as the chairman of UN Swissindo apologizes for all actions that have been done that resulted in anxiety in the community and financial services sector and concerned will not repeat his actions again.

    Based on that, Br. Sino asks all the leaders of UN Swissindo and the public to be able to know this statement and be careful when there is a similar offer on behalf of UN Swissindo.

    According to Tongam, UN Swissindo has been operating in several regions and claims to be a world institution that can issue debt repayment letter to the financial services institutions and provide vouchers to the public to take money of USD1.200, - or Rp15.600.000, - at Bank Independent.

    "The activities undertaken by UN Swissindo are incorrect, because the repayment letter issued is not recognized by the financial services agency and the voucher provided can not be disbursed at Bank Mandiri," said Tongam.

    Task Force Investments appealed to all leaders of UN Swissindo to stop its activities and asked the community to not follow the activities of UN Swissindo. Jo

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