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    Anticipation of Drought, "Territorial Officials" Must Be Quick Response to Reports


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Anticipation of widespread drought, Regional Secretary of Bandung Regency, Ir. H. Sofian Nataprawira, MP, emphasized the apparatus in the region to be responsive in responding to the citizens' report. The technical effort that can be done by regional secretary, namely the provision of call centers in each sub-district.

    "I ask all parties to respond quickly, including the readiness of the subdistrict apparatus to provide a call center.This will facilitate the community and the village in informing the drought problem in their respective areas, so that it can be handled immediately," said regional secretary while chairing the Meeting of Drought Impact on Anticipation meeting, Wednesday (23/8).

    In addition to facilitate the community, Sofian Nataprawira assess the call center will be useful for the accumulation and accuracy of data in each district regarding the drought affected areas.

    "If the data in the complete in sub district, later reports to BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency as field coordinator will also be complete and accurate," he said.

    According to data from BMKG, the dry season of 2017 has been going on since June and it is predicted until October. Of course Sofian hopes that the drought emergency response in 2015 will not happen again this year.

    "This year Bandung regency has not been on the emergency response condition of drought, but the anticipation we continue to do through coordination BPBD, PDAM, Disperkimtan, Social Service and PMI," said Sofian who also as Head of BPBD.

    In a drought report of 2015, Bandung Regency Secretary explained there were 96 villages recorded in 16 districts affected by drought. For that, he continued, this year the government should be better prepared to handle it.

    "All the PD has prepared all efforts for this disaster, ranging from coordination, anticipation to technical action in the field later, such as water supply, shallow wells, tankers and torens for residents," he said.

    Meanwhile, Chief Executive of BPBD Tata Irawan said to anticipate that his side has coordinated with PDAM, Disperkimtan, Dinsos and PMI in the provision of 7 units of water tank cars to distribute water supply.

    "To facilitate the distribution, coordination for technical action to be communicated continuously by officials in the Region to us with accurate, because the estimated drought until October this can extend to other areas as well," said Tata.

    BPBD itself, alerting personnel for 24 hours in the office to anticipate the occurrence of drought and land fires. For that, if any citizens who need assistance, are required to immediately report to the officer.

    "This we do, because now a number of areas in Bandung regency is entering the dry season and the air temperature is quite hot, it is potentially a drought until the fire," he said.

    Mentioned by him, if there are people who need help, can immediately contact the officer. "Areas that are beginning to experience drought and clean water crisis, can also report for us to find a solution," added Tata.

    He also appealed to the public, if you want to open the land, must use environmentally friendly methods and do not do with combustion techniques.

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