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    In JAMPIRO 2017, Aher recommends Tabayyun Journalism


    YOGYAKARTA-Press, mass media, or social media, has a number of functions. Among them, the function of information that presents the news to the public about an event. Then Entertainment function that is filled with public interest, or entertainment. Educational functions that present knowledge. And most important is the function of social control, in which the media becomes a counterweight to the social and political role of society.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) stated that the information presented by the media should be facts, correct events, or come from credible sources.

    Because Aher said, see the current conditions, is very vulnerable to people consume false news, even slander, which is now termed 'hoax'. Not infrequently, the news that betrayed the code of ethics also contains elements of bring into conflict, even with less good language. But sadly, it's not a few people who even reactive and also become a spreader of information 'hoax' is.

    The phenomenon of 'hoax' continued Aher, is a side effect of advances in information technology. The growing use of social media, enables anyone to position itself as a journalist (citizen journalism), which is easily disseminated as quickly as lightning thanks to the internet.

    "Now everyone can act as a press, he can make his own news, spread his own.If there is a media company there is a chief editor (pimred), yes everyone can be chief editor also for himself respectively," said Aher, at PR Jamboree event Indonesia (JAMPIRO), at the Grand Keisha Hotel Ballroom, Gejayan Street No. 9, Yogyakarta, Wednesday (23/08/17).

    According to Puskakom UI and APJII survey, internet usage is the most; 87.4% social networking, 68.7% search engine, 59.9% chat, and 59.7% news search.

    Governor Aher also pointed out that the 'hoax' has been there since the time of the Prophet SAW. For example, the slander of Al Walid bin Urwah to Bani Mustahiq that almost caused the war. As well as other examples, slander the Hypocrites to Ummul Mukmin Siti Aisyah to cause the split of the ummah.

    So to answer the phenomenon of deviant media literation in the society, Governor Aher offers the concept of Tabayyun Journalism.

    In Tabayyun Journalism, Aher recommends every society that receives news, always thorough in the attention of resource persons. In addition, the recipient must also thoroughly examine the content and evidence, or facts of the news from the resource person.

    Aher appealed to the public, in order not to rush to spread the word when newly received, by referring to the principle not only 'cover both sides' but 'cover all side'.

    Aher also said a number of Tabayyun pillars, namely 'shidiq', advocates and enforcers of the truth. This means that the press must take sides and defend the truth. Then Amanah, means trusted and trustworthy. A journalist must be honest with the data and facts in the field, should not manipulate and even distort the facts.

    "Tabligh, conveyed, a journalist must inform the news or the real event.Sure not to miss the Fathonah, meaning intelligent and broad-minded" Connect Aher.

    So the Governor invites the public and the press to build a healthy press.

    "Everybody agrees to build a healthy press, and freedom of the press builds the collective consciousness of the nation in order to accelerate the development and welfare of society, freedom adjacent to other freedoms, educate people to be aware of their rights and obligations," Aher said.

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