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    Aher Wins The Best Communicators Award 2017


    YOGJAKARTA-Still at the same event, PR INDONESIA rewards every leader who succeeds in realizing the positive reputation of ministry / institution / local government / corporation / organization in the eyes of stakeholders. The award is entitled "PR INDONESIA Best Communicators 2017", at the Grand Keisha Hotel Ballroom, Gejayan Street No. 9, Yogyakarta, Wednesday (23/08/17).

    CEO & Founder PR Indonesia Asmono Wikan said, to get the figure of the leader, his side in cooperation with media monitoring company, Indonesia Indicators.

    "We compiled data from January 1 to June 30, 2017 to find the most positive leaders in 13 national mainstream print media," Wikan said.

    "The 13 print media are as follows: Kompas Daily; Rakyat Merdeka; Bisnis Indonesia; Suara Pembaruan; Investor Daily; Indo Pos; Koran Tempo; Jawa Pos; Majalah Tempo; Koran Sindo; Media Indonesia; Republika; dan The Jakarta Post, "He said.

    So based on the results of monitoring and qualitative analysis that has been done, PR Indonesia sets West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan as Recipient of PR Awards Best Communicators 2017 Categories of Governors. The award was given directly by Asmono Wikan to the Governor of West Java.

    "We congratulate on this achievement, hoping that the award-winning PR Indonesia Best Communicators 2017 will be a role model for organization / corporate leaders at all levels throughout the country, in every effort to strengthen the reputation of the Institution / Organization / Corporation, even the nation through public activities relations (PR), "Asmono said.

    Asmono Wikan explains, there are some indicators that made reference assessment. Namely, the volume of news in mainstream media computed by companies engaged in the field of Intelligence Media, named Intel media.

    "Intel media is a company that is able to monitor and analyze the news.As a result, it was packed a large volume of Aher

    From the calculation of the last 6 months of coverage about Ahmad Heryawan total reached 8,401 news, both in print and online mainstream media.

    "In the mainstream national print media, there are 425 reports in the last 6 months, and all that is good news in terms of information," he explained.

    In addition, Aher is considered to have the capacity to lead communication teams in government with professionals. The indicator is seen from the quality of delivering information to the public, either through social media or the official website of the West Java Provincial Government.

    "Public relations with mainstream media is also very good, there is no communication crisis," he explained.

    The event 'Jambore PR INDONESIA (JAMPIRO)' is one of the annual off-print activities. JAMPIRO is also supported by the entire PR community in Indonesia, such as Bakohumas, IPRAHumas, Perhumas, FH BUMN, PR Society, APPRI, and other organizations.

    In responding this award, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) interpreted this award as the attention of the audience to every movement that he does.

    He was also grateful, who got the spotlight from the results of PR monitoring, stating that, things or news published by a number of national mainstream media related activities as a regional head, is a positive news.

    "(As a public official) we have to be very good at communicating to the community what we will be doing and doing and if we do not have any prejudice, it is as if we do nothing," Aher said.

    "This openness, the positive, the negativity criticized may be, to be commended for." Such things are very important for our society so the media becomes important for our communication with the wider community, "continued Aher.

    Aher said, it is wrong if what is done by an agency, not communicated, or done effort 'public relation'. He told the perpetrators of PR, to preach the thing as it is.

    "Especially to the Provincial Government PR, who follow me, also the media, tell me what it is, if positive write positive, if not good enough, just write not good, to be improved in the future," Imbaunya.

    Head of Publication, Screening and Documentation of West Java Secretariat Ade Sukalsah said, the principles of public information disclosure will always be upheld. A good resource person, will hold the principle, and the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan is a figure who is aware of the presence of that essence.

    So the predicate achieved by Governor Aher, is a motivation for the work unit, to apply the principles of good public relations. For him, when The Governor won the 'Best Communicator', a support, including the motivation to also improve the 'Media Relation' is good. 

    "This indicator set by PR Indonesia is a governor who is aware of 'Public Relation' (PR), one of which is the most dominant is the news positive in 13 mainstream national media, then confirmed as 'Best communicator,' he said. 

    "It's rare for head of region that have a good PR awareness, so the speakers in various media, easy to be interviewed, easily accessible by journalists, as the figure of the head such areas are quite rare, "he added. 

    For his part, when the governor became the best communicator, Ade said, indirectly became the motivation to improve the performance of media relations better.

    "Moreover, on several occasions, Mr. Governor always mentioned that PR It is a display of local government, "he continued. In implementing it, it will apply the principle of PR, among others upholding the public information disclosure and maintaining good relations with all parties, be it the community or mass media. 

    In addition, the utilization of social media channels will continue to be maximized as a mouthpiece of publication programs and government policies, although at risk of draining energy. 

    "From the beginning, we are committed to using new media (social media) so that information can be accepted by the public, "he added.

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