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    Aher: PON isn’t Complete Without Football


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, as Chairman of the National Sports (PB PON XIX 2016) said football is compulsory exist as a sport that competed in the PON XIX 2016.

    The implementation of football qualifying in a number of areas should be delayed or canceled due to the freezing of the PSSI by government through Kemenpora (Youth and Sports Ministry).

    Today, the football qualifications will be held by the Football Association of Provinces (Asprov) PSSI. So that police in some areas will not give an operating license for football qualification, if there is no recommendation from the transition team.

    Aher stressed it would invite various stakeholders, such as Kemenpora, KONI, and Transition Team as soon as possible in order to ensure clarity related to qualifying and players for selection early stages.

    Aher said this PON multi event would be like "vegetables without salt" when football not involved in it. Then the decision should be decided as soon as possible, because the team need to be prepared as well.

    "I will soon ensure, and ask the parties, maybe I'll send a letter to the transition team and told Kemenpora and KONI to immediately take steps carry out the football qualifying round," he said.

    Moreover, these clarity is needed as soon as possible to also study the game regulation.

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