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    PT DI is Ready to Produce 12 Unit N219 Per Year


    BANDUNG - President Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) Budi Santoso said the production of N219 can be done in 2018 with a maximum capacity of 12 units per year.

    He said, in the first five years of production, N219 can be made as many as 12 units

    "With the capacity for five years, then the order will be made maximum between 50 to 60 units.This is a long time for us to prepare human resources and other things," said Budi.

    After five years, the production capacity will be increased to 24 units per year. Investment is certainly needed but according to Budi, it will not be burdensome.

    Because he said, there are many vacant buildings in PT DI that can be reused, so that investment funds will be cheaper.

    "Orders are many, but not yet contract, waiting for the exact price," he said.

    However, the N219 price range is 5.5 to 6 million US dollars. This is definitely cheaper than similar type of aircraft. Jo

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