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    337 Grant Recipients Get SP2D


    BANDUNG-A total of 337 grant recipients received a Fund Disbursement Order (SP2D) from the Governor. Symbolically SPD2 was handed over directly by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan to five representatives of institutions in the West Hall Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Tuesday (22/8/17) afternoon.
    "Accidentally collected (the grantee) to ensure that this assistance is up and to ensure that this assistance in its implementation there is no deviation," Aher said in remarks during the SPD2 submission ceremony.
    This grant is awarded for physical projects. Aher said it was concerned that giving grants for non-physical projects would have less oversight mechanisms.
    "Therefore, we stop nonphysical grants. Since 2014, the grant is only a physical grant. In order to be known, can be assessed, can be checked anywhere or used the grant funds, "said Aher.
    This grant is given as a stimulus or it is not fully granted based on the submission of funds listed on the proposal. In addition, the grant is also to accelerate the development carried out by the community. Grant recipients from various fields, such as Islamic educational institutions or pesantren, schools, mosques, and others.
    The grant is a Government budget derived from the community derived from taxes, user charges, and other income. "It's a message. Mandate to us, Provincial Government, mandate to you who also get this help. I'm afraid there are people who feel meritorious, "said Aher.
    "Therefore, I affirm that this funding received entirely is absolutely for the institution that you lead. Nothing for anyone else is a dime, "he said.
    At the grant ceremony was also present Head of Task Force Coordination Supervision and Prevention (Korsupgah) Region II KPK RI, Asep Rahmat Suwanda. Asep provides guidance regarding the use or mechanism of social assistance funds (bansos) or grants. Asep explained that the mechanism of social assistance grant philosophically is something very noble. He hopes that funds from these people can be made better by the people as well.
    "The KPK in this context learns, then examines, sees, and even conducts countermeasures. In the context of grant management it shows that there is still a lot of risk of misuse or non-transparency or inaccuracies in the grant of the grant, "Asep said.
    To that end, the Commission reminded the grantees to use the grant funds in accordance with the original purpose. Do not let funds flow to unauthorized parties or be used for personal or group interests.
    "Because whatever it is, whatever the name in the context of the law is included in the category of corruption. This is a note. Let us both intend at this beginning to use this grant money for the greatest benefit for the community, "said Asep.
    Furthermore, Asep said that in the grant there is a mechanism of liability that the money received should be used in accordance with its designation. Therefore, in the context of coordination and supervision, the KPK encourages the West Java Provincial Government to implement information systems so that grant recipients can more easily conduct accountability reports.
    "We see the percentage is still low (accountability). Because of various things, the problem of understanding and so forth. We want this grant to be seen by the wider community to make it easier for its monitoring mechanisms, "said Asep.
    "Let us both keep this mandate better, so later there will be no more stories or events that lead us to a position that is not profitable for us," he concluded.

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