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    Aher: Public Relations, Affecting People With Positive Information


    BANDUNG-Information can quickly develop and spread to the public. One factor is through the use of digital technology and the use of social media (medsos). Later, the distribution of information is not only related to things that can be accepted or useful by the community, but many scattered various false or false information that we know with hoax. Against this hoax news, there must be the participation of various elements of society, including the role of the Government to counter them.
    According to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), public relations institutions have an important role. According to Aher, PR, including public relations agencies in the Government has a role in providing positive information with positive language in the presentation of information disseminated to the public.

    "PR should be able to play a role well, to the public in particular. In the digital age like today we have to be very careful in giving statements, very accurate, and then try to always speak the language in a positive way, "said Aher in Focus Group Discussion (FGD) entitled Government Communication Management in the Digital Age at Holiday Inn, Dr. Djunjunan Street no. 96, Bandung City, Tuesday (22/8/17).

    "Let us present an ordinance, a methodology, a good way to organize communication as a nation of character, as a nation that has a system of karma and noble values so that inter-community communication with us becomes excellent communication," he continued in the FGD which was also attended by Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs), Tjahjo Kumolo, and Secretary of the Working Cabinet, Pramono Anung.

    Aher said PR should have excellent communication with the media. Management of information based on real data and facts. Positive things should be more emphasized, but they also do not cover the lack of programs or policies that have been done by the institution along with the evaluation action.

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