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    Public Relations Must Take Social Media


    BANDUNG-In the digital era like today, various media, especially social media is very much, where people easily can use it for various needs of each.

    Presidential spokesman Johan Budi said social media should not only be used by the community individually, but the government should also take advantage of these technological developments to convey information to the public.

    "Local governments, especially public relations should take advantage of technology and not only use conventional media in conveying information, but also can take advantage of social media," he said.

    Johan also requested public relations in the central government a vision with public relations in the region, ranging from provincial, city, and district levels in conveying information.

    "The same should be the same, no different in delivering any information.The perception between the public relations of the regions and the center should be one vote," said Johan, in the FGD that took the theme of "Government Communication Management in the Digital Age" at Holiday Inn Pasteur Hotel Bandung, 22/08).

    Johan also highlighted the need for adequate budget for public relations activities in publicizing a policy to the public.

    "The public relations budget should be sufficient, to assist operations in publishing a policy or opinion to the public," he said. (Parno)

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