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    West Java Provincial Government Distributed Social Assistance For 300 Institutions


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the West Java Provincial Government distributed social assistance funds (bansos) for 300 institutions. This is the result of coordination with the team of prevention team of Supervision and Prevention Task Force (Korsupgah) Region II KPK RI.

    Heryawan hopes that grant funds assessed are often suspected, can be channeled to the most basic needs of the community such as school construction, places of worship and boarding.

    "God willing, we want the grant funds to continue for the very important affairs of the new classrooms for private schools, for the mosques of religious affairs and piety, it could be for boarding schools such as dormitories, as well as for ta'lim council" said Ahmad Heryawan told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (08/22/2017)

    So far, grants have been disbursed for physical development. So none of the grants are intended for non-physical development. The reason, disbursement of non-physical grants will be difficult in the process of supervision.

    "So if the non-physical grants we are worried about our supervision is less, then for that we stop the first non-physical grant funds.In 2014 grants are usually physical, so it can be known can be assessed, it can be checked anywhere or used whatever grants That, "he explained.

    This grant is not comprehensive in the sense that A's A request is not like that, but this is just as a stimulus.

    "People need 7 classes we give 3 classes, others let them coordinate with the community to seek self-help communities and built together," he said

    Heryawan added, for the budget itself is not evenly distributed, in accordance with the required but the West Java Provincial Government just to give some kind.

    "If the class and the pesantren are packed, and one package is 100 million, if an institution is given three classes it means three hundred," he concluded. (MAT)

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