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    Need for Communication Order


    BANDUNG-Minister of the Cabinet Secretary, Pramono Anung stated, in the current era of Local Government must be brave and do not be afraid of misrepresenting various information to the public, especially related to the various developments that have been done.

    "What is delivered there must be pros and cons, because we can not be homogeneous and the government should be able to explain to the community," he said.

    Pramono asked all officials, especially those in the area not to be angry if the information they conveyed was criticized by the community, either directly or indirectly.

    "If you are attacked, do not be angry, as a public official of anger must be lost, should be enjoyed," said Pramono, in the FGD theme "Government Communication Management in the Digital Age" in Granada 2 Hotel Holiday Inn Pasteur Bandung, Tuesday (22/08 ).

    According to Pramono there are three orders of communication according to the direction of President Joko Widodo, namely:

    1. Publication of policy issues needs to be further optimized through various communication channels on performance.

    2. Coverage needs to be done on an ongoing basis on media and social media managed by central and local government.

    3. People in urban and rural areas know well the success of Jokowi-JK Government's development program. (Parno)

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