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    BPJS Employment Perform BPJSTK Award Socialization


    BANDUNG - Social Security Administering Agency (BPJS) Employment will again hold BPJSTK Award 2017, after previously stalled for 2 years since 2015 ago.

    Head of Marketing BPJS West Java Regional Employment Agency, Bambang Kenharto said the 2017 Employment Social Security Award will be awarded to every Local Government who has wholeheartedly supported the National Social Security Program, large, medium and small micro businesses.

    "The synergy of government and stakeholders in the joint responsibility in providing welfare, local government support, corporate participation and community participation," he said.

    According to Bambang, this award aims to increase the role of provincial, municipal and district governments in reminding the participation of social security in the field of employment and warning of compliance with Social Security regulations in the field of Manpower.

    "We hope there will be an increase awareness and positive image in BPJS of employment to the government, companies and communities," Bambang said in the BPJSTK Award socialization at the East Hall of Gedung Sate on Monday (21/08).

    Bambang added, in contrast to previous years, for the award this time the status was upgraded to a national level from the previous West Java level only.

    "The trophy name will be given to the winners in the form of trophy" PARITRAMA "taken from Sanskrit which means PROTECTION," he said. (Parno)

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