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    Vice Governor Attended Thousands of UNPAD New Students Admission Ceremony


    SUMEDANG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, attended the New Student Admissions Ceremony of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Academic Year 2017/2018 at Campus Unpad Jatinangor Bandung-Sumedang Street Km. 21, Monday (21/8).

    In his speech, Deddy Mizwar explained that in 2020 to 2035 the Indonesian state is expected to experience the peak of demographic bonuses, thus impacting on the enormous size of the working class. According to The Mckinsey Global Institute Survey 2012, the number of working class in Indonesia in 2030 is predicted as much as 135 million people. In the same year, Indonesia's economic growth is predicted to occupy the seventh largest position in the world after China, the United States, India, Japan, Brazil, and Russia.

    "Development of education in West Java continues to show positive results such as Education Index rose to 61.39 points, Literacy rate 98.78%, Average School Length 7.90 years, junior high school 99.86%, high school APK 67, 56%, and High Education APK 17.76%, "said Vice Governor.

    However, continued Vice Governor, we should not be complacent, because this year Indonesia's competitiveness rank fell from 34 years 2014-2015 to 41 from 138 countries. The current challenge in West Java is open unemployment rate of 8.89%, GINI Ratio of 0.4 points, and poverty rate of 8.77%.

    "Therefore, I hope that Unpad will continue to strengthen its role as agent of economic development and entrepreneural university, to boost technological competitiveness, productivity and innovation labor," he hoped.

    On this occasion, the Vice Governor also appreciated the research cooperation between Unpad and West Java Provincial Government, namely the development of Pasundan Cow Breeding Plasma and Great Grand Parent Stock Sentul Chicken and Rambon Duck.

    "Unpad focuses more on downstream research and innovation efforts from lecturers and students. Strengthening the link and match between graduate competencies and the needs of the world of work. Creating young technopreneurs who are able to compete in global level. Having the independence of being a creator using the 100 thousand printing program New Entrepreneurship and Love People Credits that rolled West Java provincial government can be used by students, "he explained.

    Responding to this need qualified human resources to welcome Indonesia Gold in 2045, through three integrative steps in the field of education, namely start earlier (early childhood education), stay longer (school as high as possible), and reach wider (equalization of educational opportunities).

    "Congratulations to my children, have officially become part of the big family of Unpad students, it should be thankful for the opportunity to study at the campus of West Java pride," he said.

    Also attending the event were representatives of Regent / Mayor in West Java, Unpad Rector, Vice Rectors, Professors, Senate Members, Deans, Heads of Departments, Heads of Study Program, Heads of Institutions, lecturers, students and all academic community in the Unpad environment.

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