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    Gem Exhibition Gives Discount Up To 20 Percent


    Bandung-Citra Rupa Indonesia or CIRI in cooperation with Trans Luxury Hotel held a gem exhibition to get closer to consumers. The exhibition, titled premium exhibitions that lasted from 16 to 26 August 2017 at Trans Luxury Hotel gives discounts or discounts up to 20 percent.

    General Indo Wisata Permata (IWP), Wahyudi Parulian said that in addition to providing discounts of up to 20 percent, consumers will also get vouchers worth RP1 million (terms and conditions apply) and a 17 percent discount for credit card users Mandiri Bank.

    "We give discounts up to 20 percent for consumers," he told reporters in Bandung, Sunday (08/20/2017)

    The reason for choosing The Trans Luxury Hotel as a place of exhibition, Wahudi said, because lately it's often the exhibitions in crowded places like malls and others.

    In addition, CIRI wants to conduct exhibitions in a more private place like The Trans Luxury Hotel and make the hotel not just for a place to stay but there is one side that can be shown to consumers such as booth wacth and jewelery so that finally CIRI choose Indo Wisata Permata ( IWP) adjusts to CIRI and hotel market segments.

    "We want to change the image that the hotel is not just a place to stay but can be used as a gem of a jewel of IWP, Watch Studio and Ultia II," he said

    Wahyudi said, CIRI also make this way to simultaneously put forward the wealth of gems owned by Indonesia. The reason, IWP is a diamond company that produces from not so to become jewelry into gemstones from Indonesia that is Martapura city.

    While the purpose of IWP held Exhibition is to introduce to Indonesia consumer that in Indonesia also has a diamond product that is produced directly until the process of cutting done directly at IWP and addressed to the consumer until processed into inddah jewelry for consumers.

    "In addition we will also present a special performance of Jaz singers at the Trans Luxury Hotel on August 25, 2017," he concluded. (MAT)

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