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    Flag of Indonesia Reversed, Malaysia Compulsory Apologize


    BANDUNG-Conversely the Indonesian flag image in the SEA Games XXIX / 2017 guidebook printed by Malaysia reaps the responses from various parties including politicians.

    President of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Sohibul Iman said the Malaysian government, especially the organizing committee SEA Games XXIX / 2017 must apologize to Indonesia. The reason, the incident occurred in international events.

    "Because this is an international event in Southeast Asia, the committee should be very careful about this matter," he told reporters in Bandung on Sunday (20). / 8/2017).

    However, he regretted the team from Indonesia because it is not checked first before the book is printed and spread widely.

    In addition, the incident should be a material evaluation for the Indonesian team that things like this should not be considered trivial.

    "But I see it is rather unfortunate that our team did not inspect the book before it was printed, did it catch it after the book was in circulation, if this is so ngerakeun (embarrassing)," he said.

    In addition to the apology from Malaysia, he urged the government to seriously respond to the incident, not a matter that is considered trivial because it is related to the symbol of the country.

    "The government should take seriously this is not a simple matter, so evaluation should also be done to our committee why not check it from the beginning," said Iman.

    With regard to the Malaysian Youth and Sport Minister plan to visit Indonesia to apologize, Iman believes the action is good.

    "Yes it is good, he would apologize directly to Indonesia but apologies must be published in mass media throughout Southeast Asia, it should be also apologized," he concluded. (MAT)

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