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    Netty: Blood Donor Apparently Helps Yourself


    BANDUNG-Humans are social beings who can not live alone. Everything definitely needs the help of others. Although not yet able to provide assistance in the form of money, goods, and energy, but there is one thing of ourselves that can be very helpful to others. Yes, blood.

    On the anniversary of World Blood Donor Day which is in every June 14th, Chairman of PKK Team West Java Province Netty Heryawan did not want to miss donate blood at PMI Bandung, Saturday (19/08/2017). Netty had just a blood donor after being delayed due to her 'guest monthly' schedule. Nevertheless, he firmly says that menstruation should not be the reason to discourage the intention to blood donors, just need to be postponed. Recommended, new women donate blood 7 to 10 days after menstruation is complete.

    "When delayed this is not accompanied by the motivation or event blood donor from the organization, finally be missed schedule," Netty said after donating blood.

    From PMI Bandung data, recipients of blood donation award 75 times in 2017, almost 90% of them are men. Therefore, Netty appeals to the people of West Java, especially women, to begin to build awareness of the importance of blood donation not only to help others in need, but also for personal health.

    According to Netty, blood donors can actually make the body become more healthy and fit, because it continuously regenerate new blood cells.

    "I believe that blood donation means growing new blood cells, there is blood regeneration, so we will be younger, more energetic, and of course healthier," Netty said.

    "A drop of blood is very meaningful for the survival of a human being.I personally want to appeal to all citizens of West Java, especially women, let's together we present the value of our usefulness as a human being, providing wide benefits, even with a drop of blood that we can give, "He said.

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