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    West Java Anniversary, Demiz: Teacher Support Must Rise


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said, on the anniversary of the 72nd Provincial (Provincial) of West Java there are some things to note, Especially in education including Employee Benefit Income (TPP) of teachers located in West Java.

    Demiz greeting Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar explains, teachers are very important attention because the quality of education in West Java one of them depends on the quality of teachers.

    "However we must respect the welfare of teachers so that their education is more qualified," said Demiz after attending the Big ceremony in the event of 72nd Anniversary of West Java Province in Gasibu field, Bandung, Saturday (8/19/2017)

    According to him, education problems should get more attention from all parties including the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java. The reason is, education is one of the most basic needs of society.

    "Because education is very important, it is a mandatory business, we must meet the needs of society," he said.

    Demiz revealed that teachers TPP of civil servants and honorary in 2018 will increase. It is expected that Teachers TPP in West Java will be in accordance with the ideal number.

    In addition to paying attention to teacher TPP, another issue is the education infrastructure. The plan, West Java Provincial Government will create new schools and new classrooms to meet the educational needs of the people of West Java

    "Including the construction of new schools and new classrooms as well as TPP of teachers and teachers of honorarium, it is significant that in July 2017 it will be up until next year it has reached the ideal number," he said.

    Demiz admitted, the last has been a little problem about the Acceptance of New Learners (PPDB). However, West Java provincial government through the Education Office of West Java immediately fix and find solutions to solve the problem.

    "I think what we need to fix is that the problem yesterday was a little bit of PPDB problem, Alhamdulillah soon we can overcome then in the future this PPDB should be better," he said.

    In commemoration of the Anniversary of the Province of West Java to 72nd, Demiz also highlighted about the physical development in West Java. West Java provincial government, continued Demiz, will continue to oversee the process of building West Java International Airport (BIJB) and Patimban port and the construction of Bocimi toll.

    "It is important to continue guarding the development process of BIJB and Bimbimi port and Bocimi toll road, hopefully next year will reach Cigombong," he said.

    He said that the infrastructure development will support the tourism industry when three of the country's foreign exchange sectors are decreasing in oil and gas, coal and oil palm. Demiz also hopes that by 2018, BIJB already operates and is connected with various other areas.

    "This is very important because in the future tourism became one of West Java superior," he concluded. (MAT)

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