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    Aher: Teacher Support Will Rise 100 Percent


    BANDUNG-On the anniversary of the 72nd anniversary of West Java Province, there is good news for teachers or instructors who are in West Java. Because the West Java Provincial Government plans to increase Employee Income Benefits (TPP) for teachers to 100 percent in 2018.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that although the figure is not the same as the old one, but it has awarded more than the previous award, which originally only Rp 200 thousand to Rp 300 thousand, West Java Provincial Government will raise the teacher allowance to Rp 1, 25 million next year.

    "Teachers TPP Insya Allah next year rise 100 percent," said Aher after attending the Plenary Session in the Parliament building of West Java Diponegoro Street city of Bandung, Saturday (19/08/2017).

    "Although the figure is not the same as the old because the money is not there, but we have given more appreciation than the previous award which originally only Rp 200 thousand to Rp 300 thousand then we increase to Rp 1.25 million next year, now only Rp 600 thousand, "He added.

    Meanwhile, regarding development in West Java, Aher explained, it always reminds of the development that is able to preserve the environment. In addition, poverty alleviation and unemployment become the focus of West Java development in the future.

    "Why do I often convey poverty, unemployment and environmental conservation, because the environment is a supplier of life, in essence, we must promote environmentally friendly development," he said.

    According to him, it is impossible to meet the basic needs of society such as clothing, food, and boards if in West Java region can not realize a good environment.

    "Just imagine if our development is destructive to the environment, what will happen?" Yes, our environment will not supply our lives anymore, life is damaged because of the damaged environment, "he said.

    Aher said, at the smallest level or micro there is to be solved those are poverty and unemployment.

    "I have often emphasized at the micro level there is to be solved those are poverty and unemployment and environment that must be sustainable," he concluded. (MAT)

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