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    72nd Anniversary of West Java, Jabar Ngahiji Jabar Kahiji


    BANDUNG-Jabar Ngahiji Jabar Kahiji is the motto or slogan that was expressed by the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan as the apprentice of the 72nd anniversary of West Java Province in Gasibu Field Bandung, Saturday (19/8).

    "Jabar Ngahiji Jabar Kahiji is the cornerstone of West Java development towards progress and prosperity of the people, in line with the unity and unity of the Indonesian nation where West Java is part of NKRI," he said.

    In the record of the 72nd anniversary, since the last 9 years Ahmad Heryawan delivered various West Java achievements a boast.

    "Lastly we received an award as the Best Performing Provinces, and one of them is the achievements of the Inovated Province because the cultivation of Patin Fish that can increase productivity many times," he said.

    According to Aher, it can be achieved because togetherness and hard work of all parties, both government, Parliament and the people of West Java. In the big ceremony of  West Java 72th anniversary also drawn prizes from BJB including 50 motorcycles, 5 cars and umrah prizes for civil servants in the West Java provincial government. (Even)

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