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    500 Pangalengan Community Get Free Hepatitis Vaccine


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Approximately 500 people in the District of Pangalengan Regency Bandung get Hepatitis vaccine free of charge from PT Bio Farma. Free vaccine program was held after the ceremony of the 72nd anniversary of the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia in Babakan Tanakan Village Bojongsari Village Pangalengan District, Thursday (17/8).

    Head of Division of CSR and PKBL PT Bio Farma, R. Herry said, hepatitis vaccine is deliberately chosen because it is not included in the national immunization program.

    "If the hepatitis vaccine is independent, it does not include government-financed such as measles and others, while here vulnerable to hepatitis virus," he said.

    On the occasion other than the hepatitis vaccine program, Bio Farma also provides home renovation for Indonesia veteran members and scholarships for students of Siswa Mengenal Nusantara member.

    "Yes there is also a veteran house renovation that is considered unfit for habitation, as our respect and appreciation for the fighters who are still alive," he explained.

    PT Bio Farma alone during the first semester of 2017 has channeled CSRnya worth Rp 7 billion is still running for various programs. (Even)

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