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    Hoax News Domination Election Issues?


    BANDUNG- Founder of Indonesian Hoax Busters (IHB) Bandung, Citra Pratiwi revealed some data, that the type of news or hoax information received by the people of Indonesia is mostly related to socio-political issues such as regional head election, or government reaches 91.8 percent, followed by SARA issues about 88.6 percent, and health issues 41.2 percent.

    This was conveyed by Citra Pratiwi in front of hundreds of students of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Communication and Business, Telkom University (FKB Tel-U), in Bandung, Friday (18/8).

    "When the election takes place we can see so much information and false news scattered and sometimes we also spread it," he said.

    The most widely used media as a place of dissemination of information or fake news in the form of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about 92.4 percent, Chatting Applications such as Whatsapp, Line, and Blackberry Messenger (62.8 percent), and the site ( Website) of (34.9 percent).

    "The hoax spreader generally rejects reality, rejects the truth in society, so that he then fortifies himself and strives that people can believe what he believes, even though it is not in line with the natural reality," said Coordinator of Anti-Fitnah Indonesia Society (MAFINDO) Bandung .

    Citra adds as a change agent and prospective leader of the nation who mastered Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Indonesian students must be able to sort and select accurate information so as not to get caught in a fake hoax (false information).

    Especially as a student of Communication Science in the future will be a career in the mass media. Have an obligation to align false information so as not to mislead the public.

    "Moreover, you as a student of Communication Science who will be a career in the world of mass media would have an obligation to align false information so that the public does not participate stuck," he said.

    According to Citra, currently the media, especially social media, is flooded with hoaxes that are sometimes difficult to distinguish from factual information. The purpose of its spread, to make people feel insecure, uncomfortable, and confused.

    "So the people who are confused will take a weak decision, not convincing, and even missteps," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Dean of FKB, Jafar Sembiring hoped that Telkom University students, especially FKB, can become future leaders that will change the nation for the better.

    "This is in line with FKB's vision of becoming an international faculty in ICT-based Communication and Business," he said.

    At least 988 students of FKB Tel-U participated in the program of Introduction of New Student Campus Life (PKKMB) 2017. They were divided into Communication Studies students (434 students), Business Administration (467 students), and Digital Public Relations (87 students). Meanwhile, the total number of new students received at Telkom University this year is about 7,200 students. (MAT)

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