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    Employment Prospects Predicted Stagnant


    BANDUNG - Employment conditions in West Java in 2016 is predicted to remain stagnant. It thus, revealed by head department of manpower and transmigration West Java province, Hening Widiatmoko in a statement to reporters, Tuesday (6/1).

    According to Hening, chances increased of employment is largely determined by the map of economic growth and development. So if the economic growth is stagnant, employment opportunities will stagnate as well.

    In West Java, the labor-intensive work sector is not reliable, especially in the west. The investors who want to invest in West Java is expected willing to fund labor-intensive industries, and not merely the capital intensive. Avoiding the stagnant employment sector, it is expected an awareness, where job opportunities do not rely on large-scale enterprise. We recommend optimising the small and medium enterprise.

    Hening, further explained the sectors can potentially create job is in the tourism sector. There are job opportunities in services and hotels. However, the challenges facing is many contract workers. While the employment to abroad is still open opportunities, even though there are obstacles in the process of certification issues. Nurses are still open for the Middle East countries and Japan. IT is also open opportunity, such as in Singapore the digital industry.

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