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    On Saturday, West Java Provincial Government Held A Big Ceremony in the 72nd Anniversary of the Province


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government will hold a big ceremony of Civil State Apparatus (ASN) West Java Province, Saturday (19/8/17) at 08.00 pm in Gasibu Field. Big ceremony in order to commemorate the 72nd Anniversary of West Java Province is planned to invite the entire head of the city / regency. In West Java and at least 100 representatives from each local government as well as the provincial government of West Java. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan will act as an ceremony coach.

    Head of Publication Division of West Java Province Secretariat Ade Sukalsah said that the special of this ceremony is all invitees and participants wearing typical clothes of West Java region. "This Big ceremony as a momentum for us to straighten out the intention of serving the community, and progress and prosperity for all circles," he said.

    "The big theme that was lifted this year is Jabar Kahiji - Maju and Sejahtera Untuk Semua," added Ade.

    Two main events commemorating the 72nd Anniversary of West Java Province is said Ade is the Great ceremony of West Java Province civil state apparatus and Special Plenary Session of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) West Java at 10:00 pm.

    "For that we ask informed Bandung people if there is congestion generated around Gasibu and Gedung Sate when the Big ceremony takes place," said Ade.

    His side also requested prayers from the people of West Java in this anniversary moment so that the civil state apparatus in charge, especially in West Java, can still be trustworthy and humble to progress together. (Even)

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