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    Joint Enemy: Illegal Fishing


    BANDUNG-Each country has its own sea, but often ships from other countries come to take fish in its territory. It is not only happening in the Indonesian sea alone, but worldwide, and it is a common enemy to be stopped.

    "That's what I call illegal fishing is a common enemy," said Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti when giving a public lecture in front of new students of ITB 2017-2018 in Sabuga Bandung, Friday (18/8).

    For that according to Susi, need a common understanding of all countries in the world, especially the neighboring Indonesia. Because according to Susi, Indonesian waters were entered by many foreign ships and stealing fish. So far foreign captured vessels have come from China, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia as well as Australia.

    Susi herself has met with delegates of those countries to inform about the rules that apply in Indonesia, especially Law Number 45 year 2009. One of them arrange and allow to detonate foreign ship that steals fish in Indonesian territory.

    "I take lunch, and they are ready to follow the rules in Indonesia. We captured the thief's ship and were detonated. It's a warning, "he said.

    This decisive action is also carried out by other countries in the world, because they want to protect the natural resources in its territory without being stolen by foreigners. Jo

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