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    Zero Violence is Women's and Children's True Freedom


    BANDUNG - The commemoration of Indonesia's Independence Day has an important meaning for all of us. One of them is meaning for women and children who until now still much at stake. Stepping on the age of 72 years of Indonesian independence, almost every day we hear the screams of women and the cry of children who have not been able to feel the sweetness of independence.

    This shows that Indonesian women and children are not free to build and develop their capacity as human beings, because there are still many cases involving women and children.

    Met after attending the Gelja Event at Gasibu Field Bandung, Thursday (17/8/2017) afternoon, Chairman of Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java Province, Netty Heryawan said the real meaning of freedom for women and children is to make them as The subject of development in order to get a high education, as well as a decent life.

    "The meaning of independence for women and children is that we are the subject of development, directly involved, having access to control over the benefits of development," Netty said.

    "And last of course whose true freedom is the liberation of women from all forms of violence and discrimination," he continued.

    Today violence against women and children is increasingly complex, varying in patterns and levels of violence. Among others are violence and cyber crime, sexual harassment, to human trafficking. Ironically, it is women and children who are vulnerable to being victims of these cases. According to data from Women National Commision, in 2016 there were 259,150 cases of violence against women.

    Violence against women and children is like the phenomenon of the iceberg because the case that comes to the surface is only a small part, while the larger and the other extent are invisible. Some of the things that need to be done are the role of parents to inculcate non-violent family behavior, monitor the behavioral and psychological development of children, oversee the surrounding environment and jointly establish the institutional in the social environment to provide supervision of the child's behavior.

    Therefore, on the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia 17 August it is of course very relevant to serve as a momentum to continue to involve the role of women and children of Indonesia in order to suppress violence against women and children.

    "Freedom is also free of physical violence, psychological, sexual and neglect," Netty closed

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