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    BMKG: Lembang Fault Could Potentially Trigger Earthquake


    BANDUNG-Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) states that Lembang fault, with a length of fault line that reaches 30 km in the city of Bandung, could trigger an earthquake up to M = 6.8.

    This was said by the Deputy of Geophysics BMKG, Mohammed Sadly. The results showed that the rate of Lembang Fault shift was 5.0 mm / y, while BMKG monitoring also showed some small seismic activity.

    "The existence of earthquake potential in Lembang Fault line with maximum magnitude of M = 6.8 is the result of the study of experts," said Sadly in his official statement received in Bandung, Friday (18/08/2017).

    The result of shakemap model modeling by BMKG with scenario of magnitude M = 6.8 and 10 km hypocenter depth in Lembang fault zone (black line thickness), indicating that earthquake impact can reach intensity scale VII-VIII MMI (equivalent to acceleration Ground maximum 0.2 - 0.4 g)

    "The magnitude of the earthquake has caused minor damage to buildings with strong construction, walls can be loose from the framework, the monuments / towers collapse, and the water becomes turbid," he said.

    While for non-structural simple building, Sadly continued, there could be heavy damage to cause the building collapsed. In general, the scale of intensity VII-VIII MMI can result in very strong shocks with moderate to severe damage.

    With the result of active cesarean studies by some experts lately, it is important that the government pay attention to disaster prone map before planning the spatial and territorial arrangement. There needs to be serious efforts from various parties in supporting and strengthening the implementation of building code in building earthquake resistant building structures.

    According to Sadly, the current building code of Indonesia refers to the regulations of SNI 1726-2012. This regulatory reform effort is in the process through a team of National Center for Earthquake Studies (PUSGEN) involving cross-cutting and cross-sectoral areas where BMKG plays an active role in it.

    The existence of the potential disaster assessment results, not to make people who live near the fault line continues to be gripped by worry. Citizens must improve their ability to understand how to rescue during an earthquake and follow the government's direction in evacuating. Socialization activities in vulnerable areas should be encouraged, as they can make the community better prepared for the disaster. Disaster preparedness is proven to minimize casualties.

    "To the public is encouraged to remain calm and not easily provoked issues that can not be accounted for truth.Secure earthquake information comes from the official government agency in this case BMKG.To get the information can visit the website BMKG http: //www.bmkg.go. Id and social media BMKG official, "he concluded. (MAT)

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