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    Rumah Zakat Inaugurated 18 Mothers of Family Nutrition Ambassadors


    BEKASI-As a form of commitment to educate the public about the importance of nutritional fulfillment, Sarihusada together with Rumah Zakat inaugurated 18 mothers to become Family Nutrition Ambassador on Mahoni Street D12 / 6, Pondok Pekayon Indah, Pekayon Bekasi City. Later, the Family Nutrition Mother Ambassador will be on duty to spread the message about the importance of nutrition and health in children and pregnant women in their environment.

    "Today there are still many pregnant women and children who do not have adequate nutritional adequacy, but it can have an impact on their future. Therefore, Sarihusada with Rumah Zakat through Rumah Bunda Sehat program educates mothers to care more about their family's nutrition, "said Danone Indonesia CSR Health and Nutrition Manager Waila Ningsih on Wednesday (16/8).

    From the release of Rumah Zakat, Waila further said, through the Rumah Bunda Sehat program, it also conducts the economic empowerment of women through the development of healthy food business and other economic programs. This is done as a form of support to improve the economic welfare of the family. "We hope that with this training, mothers can have the skills and become independent mothers by helping the family economy. In addition, the mother can also provide the right nutrition for the needs of his family, "he added.

    CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi added that the program of Rumah Bunda Sehat which has given birth to the Mother of Family Nutrition Ambassador is also a form of real support to the local government in realizing the welfare of the community. It is expected that with this Family Nutrition Ambassador Mother, citizens' awareness on nutrition can increase.

    "We hope the role of Rumah Zakat as an NGO focused on channeling happiness can be realized. Through cooperation with Sarihusada, Rumah Zakat wants to continue to realize a prosperous society, especially in terms of nutritional development and public health, "he concluded. Even

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