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    Investment Alert Task Force Finds the Fraud Voucher


    BANDUNG-Chairman of West Java Investment Task Force Sarwono informed has found a report of a fake voucher for disbursement of funds in the bank, which is feared will create anxious communities and banks in West Java.

    "So there is a voucher that states can be withdrawn with the money of 1200 US dollars or about Rp15, 6 million in Bank Mandiri, anywhere in Indonesia. Though it is not true, "he said on Wednesday (16/8).

    The task force then asked the community to ignore the fake vouchers. It is said, the voucher is in the form of a sheet that is stamped and signed by United Nations Swissindo Trust International Orbit (UN Swissindo). It looks very convincing so that hundreds of people allegedly deceived.

    The public can buy the voucher sheets for Rp5000 per share, and can be exchanged for Rp15.6 million in Bank Mandiri. In addition to Bandung and Tasikmalaya, similar vouchers are also outside Java, such as West Sumatra, Menado and Gorontalo with victims reaching hundreds of people.

    "Therefore, we urge people who have already bought vouchers not to go to Bank Mandiri on August 18, as mentioned in the voucher sheet. It's a lie, "said Sarwono.

    Members of the task force from the police force, Kompol Johansen added West Java Police have extracted this fraud case and are conducting a search, especially at its headquarters in Cirebon.

    "Our report is expected from the public, please complain to the nearest police if you find cases of fraud like this," he said.

    To note UN Swissindo also never offer able to pay off bad debts up to Rp2 billion but also a lie. Cirebon City Police, according to Johansen, still hunted the perpetrators since two years ago, where the case was once crowded in the community.

    "Currently in search status (DP), we continue to search," he concluded. Jo

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