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    Demiz Hopes, Remission Triggers Obedience To Following Programs in Prisons


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, remission is expected to trigger Obedience To Follow Program in prisons. He said it when submitting the Decree of Minister of Justice and Human Rights No W11-1232PK.0.0.02 2017 about General Remission of 2017 to Prisoners and Criminal Children, directly to the representatives of prisoners in Class 1A Bandung Rutan, Thursday (17/8 / 17). A total of 12199 prisoners and criminal offenders from all detention centers and penitentiaries throughout West Java were given remissions or reduced sentences of detention ranging from one to six months, even 576 of whom were immediately declared free.

    "There are 12199 who can remission even 576 people immediately free," said Vice Governor Demiz.

    Demiz hopes that the remission given to more than half of the total number of inmates in West Java, amounting to 22748, has triggered the spirit of prisoners who have not received remission to increase obedience in following the programs given by their prisons and detention centers.

    "We hope this can be a boost for those who have not been free and have not been able to remission to follow the entire coaching program in each Rutan or Prison so that next year or in a certain moment can be remission in accordance with the obedience or compliance they undergo programs that must be lived in order They can prepare themselves back to the community and family when free, "he hoped.

    Of the 22748 inmates and West Java prison consisted of 17249 prisoners and 5499 prisoners. With the general criminal classification of 14502 people, special crimes for corruption cases as many as 240 people, narcotics bandar 5626 people, 2271 drug users, 34 terrorism, illegal logging 13 people, traficking 56 people and money laundry 9 people with total number of special crimes 8246 person.

    This year, the Regional Office of Law and Human Rights of West Java has approved the remission of all the prison technical implementing units, the Penitentiary and the Detention Center in West Java consisting of 5 Prisoners, 26 Prisons and 1 Military Prison Cimahi.

    Head of Legal and Human Rights Office West Java Indra Purwoko explained, the number of inmates who received general remissions on August 17, 2017 as many as 12199 people, consisting of, general remission I numbered 11632 people, general remission II numbered 567 people.

    "This remission is based on prisoners and criminal children serving on the state or humanity who receive an additional six months of additional reductions and for those who assist the Prison and Detention Service's activities get an additional one-third reduction from the reduction in remissions it receives," he said.

    Remission amount for special crime related to PP 99 Year 2012 and PP 28 of 2006 which proposed to Directorate General of Correctional, consist of corruption case RU 1 as many as 60 people and RU 2 of 2 people. Then the drug criminal act RU 1 as many as 2473 people and RU 2 as many as 210 people. Traficking RU 1 as many as 7 people and RU 2 1 person and Terrorism RU 1 as many as 8 people and Banking 8 people.

    "For Money laundering and illegal logging cases no one proposed, so the total number of RU 1 2556 people and RU 2 213 people," he said.

    Especially for certain prisoners of this crime, the provision of remissions is regulated in Government Regulation No. 99 of 2012 covering cases of terrorism, narcotics, corruption, crimes against state security, serious human rights crimes and trans organized national crime.

    "Thanks to the provincial government, municipal government and regency of West Java which has shown concern for the assisted people in various forms of cooperation and assistance to prison and detention in West Java," said Indra.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Justice and Human Rights Yasona Laoli in his speech read by Vice President Demiz confirmed that the remission of prisoners and criminal children can not be obtained easily or a form of leeway to allow prisoners to be free. However, this remission is a form of responsibility for continuously fulfilling obligations in the implementation of coaching programs.

    "Remission is also intended to reduce the negative impact of the sub-culture of criminal practice, as well as a stimulant in the face of the deprivation and destructive effects of criminal deprivation of liberty," said Menkumham.

    He continued, psychologically remission has an influence in suppressing the level of frustration so as to minimize the disturbance of security and order in prison and detention in the form of escape, fights and other riots.

    "The controversy of remission for prisoners and criminal children is still happening, it is because the punitive view of people who see punishment in prisons so that Far from the word sorry, "he said.

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