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    Indonesia Republic 72nd Anniversary, Aher Stresses the Meaning of Democracy


    BANDUNG-In another part of the mandate of the Governor on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on Thursday (17/8), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) emphasized the importance of democracy. For him democracy is not merely as a vehicle for power, but as a way of achieving and realizing the harmony of the nation and of glorifying the people.

    Aher also said that in connection with the election of regional heads simultaneously, it is the duty of all the people to implement and oversee the whole process and the stages of the democracy event, in order to walk safely, orderly and smoothly.

    "Therefore, socialization and dissemination of information must be done thoroughly so that the practice of democracy in West Java takes place in a qualified way, the increase is the increase of people's participation as a voter compared to the previous regional head election," Aher said.

    This democracy, Aher said, could be the way to realize a more advanced and prosperous West Java for all. The realization of these commitments also shows the real contribution between the regional apparatus and the people in the effort to realize a sovereign, independent, and personality based on mutual cooperation.

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