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    Indonesia at the age of 72, Many Advancement is Experienced by West Java


    BANDUNG-Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his speech at the commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in Gasibu Field on Thursday (17/8) revealed that the Indonesian nation achieved its independence with the struggle to risk soul and body, covered with blood and tears. Independence is achieved due to the integration of heroism, patriotism, sincerity, faith and devotion to God Almighty in one breath.

    Ahmad Heryawan continued, therefore the independence anniversary is very relevant we make as a momentum to continue to nurture and enliven the nationalism and patriotism that continues to burn, as a spirit of devotion to the nation and nation that never goes out.

    In West Java Province, we are determined to fill independence through real development with determination: Jabar Ngahiji and Jabar Kahiji. We work together and work together, united to be the first and foremost West Java and the foremost leader in Indonesia in serving and making people happy, that is, "West Java is More Advanced and More Prosperous," explained the Governor.

    According to Governor Ahmad Heryawan, that the implementation of development to fill the independence is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. To realize the ideals of freedom, we face various development challenges. The challenges we have to face seriously include: reducing unemployment and poverty, increasing the rate of economic growth and purchasing power, eliminating horizontal conflicts, preventing drug abuse and human trafficking, and preventing the development of radicalism and terrorism and pornography.

    We must successfully overcome these challenges, added Ahmad Heryawan, because the success of facing these challenges will have a direct impact on the Indonesian Homeland as a whole. "I stated so, because of the position of West Java in direct contact with the Capital City of Jakarta, as well as due to demographic factors (population 47.4 million people or 18.3% of the total population of Indonesia).

    In his address also, the Governor conveyed various information about the success in the implementation of development, among others, West Java contribution to gross domestic income (GDP) nationwide of 14.33%; Contribution to GDP of manufacturing industry by 60%; The contribution of foreign investment to the national sebesaR 34.46% and West Java contribution as a national manufacturer reached 17, 76%. Then, West Java has achieved progress for the human development index (HDI) which for the year 2016 reached 70.05.

    Ahmad Heryawan stated that the rate of economic growth (LPE) in the range of 5 percent in the period 2013 to the second quarter of 2017, with the amount of GDP amounted to 1.070 trillion rupiah in 2013 to 1.652 trillion in 2016. LPE until the second quarter of 2017 Reached 5.08 percent, higher than the national LPE which reached 5.01 percent.

    The West Java Provincial Government has also managed to reduce the open unemployment rate, from 12.08% in 2008 to 8.89% in 2016. Reducing poverty from 13.01% in 2008 to 8.77% in 2016. This figure Lower than the national poverty rate of 10.70 percent in 2016.

    From these various advances, according to Ahmad Heryawan, is a concrete proof of the work together with all elements of West Java community with commitment "reugreug pageuh repeh rapi".

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