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    72nd Anniversary Ceremony of Indonesia Independence


    BANDUNG-The Peak Ceremony Commemorating the 72nd Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia took place in the field of Gasibu Bandung, (17/8) with the ceremonial inspector, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. As for the ceremonial commander that is, Widodo, from the element of West Java Police.

    The ceremony participants consist of elements of Army / Police, State Civil Apparatus (ASN), Youth Organization, Scouting, Civil Police and elements of Bandung City Community Security. As for the invitation, appeared to the West Java veteran elders, former high-ranking West Java, among others, Danny Setiawan and H.R Nuriana. Then the active officials from Kodam III / Siliwangi, West Java Police, elements of the Navy, members of West Java Parliament and elements of the West Java regional apparatus.

    The series of commemorative events, preceded by raising the red and white flag by troops raising the heirloom flag (Paskibraka) West Java Province level. The governor handed a flag to one of the flag-raising to be raised. After the flag fluttered, followed by a moment of silence led by the Governor of West Java.

    After a moment of silence, followed by reading the text of Pancasila, the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution and the Text of the Proclamation. The reading of Pancasila text is done by the Chief Prosecutor of West Java. The reading of the text of the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution by the Chief Justice of West Java. While the text of the Proclamation was read by the Speaker of West Java Parliament.

    After reading the manuscripts, followed by ceremonial inspector's welcome, Governor of West Java.

    The event was ended by a joint prayer by all the leaders of the official religions in Indonesia led by the Chairman of the Council of Ulama of West Java. The ceremony was over, and all participants dispersed and at the same time the Unpad choir team presented three songs of struggle.

    Governor Released Defile of Vespa Antik

    Still in the framework of the commemoration event, the Governor of West Java accompanied by members of West Java Regional Leadership Forum and Mrs. Hj.Netty Prasetiyani, release the vespa antique defile participants, located at Dipenogoro street Bandung. Defile of West Java antique vespa will surround the protocol roads of Bandung. About 200 vespa antiques participate in the defile.

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