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    70 People / Institutions Achieve Exemplary Award from the Governor of West Java


    BANDUNG-On the Commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, West Java Provincial Government gave appreciation to 70 people / exemplary institutions and achievers from all over West Java. This award is given to various elements and professions in order to provide motivation to the community who have been instrumental in development in West Java Province.
    Award Charter is awarded directly by Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in West Hall Gedung Sate Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Wednesday afternoon (08/16/2017). Present to accompany, wife who is also Chairman of the West Java PKK Team Movement, Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan. In his speech Aher revealed that the role models or achievers are important presence in the community.
    They can be examples or references in their respective fields. "Exemplars desperately need to be present in the community to be a reference, to be a positive energy in their respective fields," says Aher.
    "We want to teach goodness. Then when we want to establish the doctrine of goodness, then those examples become the living good, the real good. Therefore, I would like to appreciate that you are all examples of life to give positive value to the people of West Java. That's the role model, "he continued.
    Criteria and assessment of these role models are determined by the relevant agencies or OPDs that exist within the West Java Provincial Government. Such as Exemplary Workers criteria and assessment team determined by the Office of Manpower and Transmigration, or Doctors, Nurses, and Midwives The role model is performed by the Health Office.
    "There are ways and criteria of each. Insya Allah is very independent and very impartial or neutral. God willing, objectively, there is no subjectivity, "Aher said after the event.
    There are 44 exemplars / achievers given this year. Among them: Exemplary Workers (6 people); Exemplary Doctor (2); Model Nurse (2); Example Midwife (2); Environmental Health Workers (2); Health Promotion Force (2); Exemplary Nutritionist (2); Pharmaceutical Engineering Workers (2); Karang Taruna Berprestasi (3); Social Welfare Worker at Kecamatan Teladan (3); Outstanding Social Workers (3); Healthy School Level Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High School / Vocational High School (4); Instructor of Bridal Makeup Course (1); Instructor of the Dress Fashion Course (1), Hair Beauty Course Instructor (1); Instructor of Automotive Course (1); Computer Course Instructor (1); Course Management and Training Institute (1); Exemplary Early Childhood Teacher (1); Inspectorate of Appreciation of GTK PAUD and Dikmas (1); Community Learning Center (2); And Community Reading Garden Manager (2).
    Beside that, there is also a Tutor Package A Achieving (2); Package B Achieving Package (1); Tutor Package C Achieving (1); Tutor and Residents Learning Package B (1); Tutor and Residents Learning Functional Literacy (1); Head of Learning Activity Center (1); Management of Family Planning / TPA / SPS (1); Institute of Courses and Training of Mahardika (1); Sangkuriang Course and Training Institute (1); Institute for Course and Training of Mekar Sari (1); Course Institute and Training English First (1); Winner of Beauty Beauty Competition (1); Winner of Bridal Makeup Competition (1); Winner of Accounting Competition (1); Winner of the Inner Deliverer Appreciation Competition (1); Winner of Computer Competition (1); Winners of Culinary Competition (1); Mentor Anugerah Prahita Ekapraya (APE) (1); Pamong Learning LCS (1); Outstanding Social Organizations (3); Literacy Education Tutor (1); And Sakinah Role Model Family (1 pair).
    In addition to the Award Charter, these examples also received prizes in the form of 30 GB Internet Data Packages, as well as T-CASH Rp 50 thousand.

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