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    The Four Territories of West Java are Prone to Drug Distribution


    BANDUNG-National Narcotics Agency of West Java Province recorded four areas in West Java are prone to drug distribution, namely: Depok, Karawang, Bogor and Sukabumi. Meanwhile, the point of illegal goods distribution is still dominated by urban areas.

    "There are four areas in West Java that are prone to drug trafficking," said Chief National Narcotics Agency of West Java Rusnadi to reporters in Bandung on Wednesday (16/7/2017)

    According to him, the illicit trafficking of narcotics by local, national and international syndicates can distribute drugs in West Java through airports, authorized ports and cross-city routes by courier service.

    "The entrance of the circulation can be through airports, ports or land routes," he said.

    Rusnadi explained, during the year 2016 it has arrested as many as 30 suspects drug dealers. While for this year, until August 2017 the suspect has reached 60 people.

    "So the number of suspects this year has increased by about 200 percent," he said.

    He asserted, the most important in the eradication of this drug circulation is the role of society is not enough just government officials.

    "If only National Narcotics Agency and the police can do it, it should involve the community component," he concluded. (MAT)

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