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    N219 Made by PT DI already Ordered 100 Units


    BANDUNG-Although not yet pocketed a production certificate, but a number of advantages N219 aircraft made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) apparently attracted many airlines to buy.

    President Director of PT DI Budi Santoso said, many local airlines are ordering aircraft with a capacity of 19 passenger seats.

    "There are already many orders, about 100 units from local airlines first," he said on Wednesday (16/8).

    But according to him, the order has not been poured in the formal agreement because they have to wait for the production of aircraft plane first. the price still can not be ascertained, however, he thinks the price of this plane will be cheaper than similar aircraft.

    Interest buying is quite high because N219 has many advantages. Aircraft can easily take off or landing at airports that have a short run way, in accordance with the characteristics of airports in remote areas of Indonesia.

    According to Budi, enough ground needed along the less than 1000 meters, because the N219 can fly on a runway of 500 meters only.

    N219 has also been using modern avionics technology and is widely used in the world market namely Garmin G-1000 and also already has auto pilot. The cabin is also the largest in its class and has a top speed of up to 210 Knots and the lowest speed of 59 Knots that makes it easy to take off on short runways. Jo

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