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    Commercial Production of N219 is targeted to start in 2018


    BANDUNG-Having successfully flew premiere, does not mean the N219 aircraft has been successful. However, the next step is still long especially to get the certification of flying recognized by the international party.

    President Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia Budi Santoso said the N219 aircraft must have at least 300 flight hours to be able to get an international certification.

    "We have just flown 20 minutes, still long to get a certificate of flying, but we will multiply until 2018 the certification can be achieved," he said after the first flight N219, Thursday (16/8).

    Not only that, N219 must also pocket the fatigue test, and flight test development in 2018 later. Furthermore it should also pocket type setificate before starting to mass produce and be sold commercially.

    If 2018 can begin production then by 2019 the first N219 aircraft prototype is ready and ready to enter the market. Where prioritized for domestic needs. Jo

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