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    West Java Has High Financial Independence


    BANDUNG-West Java Province is still including areas that have high financial independence. This can be seen from the ratio of Local Revenue (PAD) to total regional revenue in 2016 reached 61.54% or worth Rp 17,042 Trillion. The funding ratio of 38.36% or worth Rp 10,622 Trillion. The rest of the other legitimate income of 0.10% or worth Rp 28,468 billion.

    After meeting the National Working Meeting on Local Tax Optimization in Bandung on Tuesday (15/08/2017), West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar said that from four PAD components, it must be admitted that local taxes contributed the most to reach 92.28 % Against PAD.

    "This is equivalent to 56.79% of the total revenue of West Java province," said Deddy.

    For the other three PAD components: regional levies, separated regional wealth management results and other legitimate PAD, each contributing 0.43%, 1.89% and 5.40% to PAD.

    Deddy said there are five types of local taxes and levies that contribute greatly managed by West Java, namely Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) with a contribution of 39.33% of local taxes or 36.29% of local revenue or 22.33% To regional income. The second is through the tax of Transfer of Motor Vehicle Fee (BBNKB), with a contribution of 31.69% to local taxes or 29.24% to local revenue or 18% to regional income. Then the third is through the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (PBBKB) which contributes 13.9% to the local tax or 12.82% to the local revenue or 7.89% to the regional income.

    Furthermore, through Surface Water Tax (PAP) with a contribution of 0.41% to the local tax or 0.38 to the original revenue area or 0.23% to the regional income. Fifth is through Tax Cigarettes that contribute 14.67% to local taxes or 13.54% to local revenue or 8.33% to regional revenue.

    "The achievement is certainly inseparable from our hard work and smart innovation, especially for PKB and BBNKB in 172 service points plus the presence of innovative e-samsat and Sipolin services," said Deddy.

    For the fiscal year 2017 Pure target West Java PAD has been set at Rp 16,524 Trillion or an increase of about Rp 258 billion from the target year 2016. Target PAD includes local taxes of Rp 15.238 Trillion or 92.22% of PAD consisting of PKB of Rp 6.140 Trillion , BBNKB Rp 4.478 Trillion, PBBKB Rp 2.144 Trillion, PAP Rp 55 Billion and cigarette tax of Rp 2,420 Trillion.

    Therefore, in the National Congress which was attended by all Regional Revenue Agency heads from 33 Provinces, Deddy hopes, can strengthen commitment and gather constructive input for the optimization of local taxes as the backbone of PAD.

    "The current public service also demands innovation and creativity from us, so maximize this meeting for the sake of increasing PAD," he said

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